Southern Charme

by The Avayou

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released February 12, 2010



all rights reserved


The Avayou Völkermarkt, Austria

Formed in the very last days of December 2006, THE AVAYOU made their way out of the southern part of Austria. What makes this band pretty unique on the music scene is that they are not 4 musicians just coming together in music and having nothing in common with each other . These four guys are the best of friends, and they know that they are in this together, and they will run this thing down. ... more

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Track Name: Questions
another morning I woke up and knew
that the hours would pass by
as fast as they did yesterday.
that I don't know what my life is all about,
yet that it's not going my way.

so by tonight I'll leave my closet.
I'm breaking out.
and don't pretend that you can stop me.
(it's going down)

of lack or have.
is there a way to leave a mark, a scar behind.
between giving and let go.
there's nothing in this world we'll ever know.

another day that went the way it came.
with the lights out. and the blinds on.
with hands tied from my beliefs.
and I still don't know what life is about.
but it's still not going my way.

so by tonight I'll jump my shadow, and change my face.
and don't expect that you can stop me.

every night I'm haunted. but can't escape.
don't know a way to fight my fate.
the world I feel hurts so much.
everything I am is not enough.
Track Name: Hemingway
this carpet of roses. the final chapter of the road.
don't matter where it all began. in the end we are alone.
last pages of a diary. stuck with desire.
a suicidal note next to your beloved face.

don't expect me to handle this on my own.
don't let me carry the world all alone.

i'm dreaming of red eyes. orange horizons. but black skies.
a thin line on the ceiling guides me through the night.
would you keep me from shaking. covered in cotton and shame.
but hemingway once told us. it all evens up.
Track Name: Icepacuanha
ropes tighten. faster than you can say mistake.
you hit the wall. faster than you can hit the brake.
the crash bears taste. overflowing colorful.
but please don't waste. we are not invincible.

I won't take this.
what we had and what you took away.
it tears me down.
and my life will never be the same.
life is a one way street.

lost in progress. a failure at its best.
hopes die last. we are not invincible.

you cannot save us.
we're going down today.
down with this sinking ship.
and I wave the flag.
Track Name: De Nada (feat. Rene of Midnight Masquerade)
I'm not much of a poet.
but you're not the big shot either.
so we're lying, we're lying so fine.
this blanket resembles my coffin door.

you stain my sheets.
soaked in her sweat.
you stain my mind.

if we had a second chance we'd end up like this.
golden words and dirty thoughts.
there were only good intentions.
intense and tangled. but a lie.
the time has come now.
I won't set the rhyme.

I've got some lines matching your whining.
I wasn't strong, they got off leash.
maybe someday you are finding.
a better place, a better time.

you're taking breath.
well, I just exhaled.
you touch my chest.

it's just been a week but now I'm back in game.
Track Name: Headgrenades
let's go!

like handgrenades on my mind.
I'm stoked by the compressional wave.
it's not the fire that is burning my insides.
in this state keep the golden water low.

what would you say if you could witness me now.
see the wreck i can be.
if I was able just to hold you close, honey hang me out to dry.
know I'll never get clean.

honey i'm not good enough for you.
I'm not good enough for the world.

I'm flushig the pills down.
down my throat.
with cheap gasoline.
I've lost my mind, my hope, my heart.
I am the tragedy.

what would you say if you could witness me now.
see the wreck i can be.
if I was able just to hold you close, honey hang me out to dry.
know I'll never get clean.

mother mary, pray for me.
now, in the hour of our death.