In D​.​.​.

by The Avayou

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released December 20, 2013

Written by: The Avayou
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by: Martin Müller
LifeLovesYou Records (2013)



all rights reserved


The Avayou Völkermarkt, Austria

Formed in the very last days of December 2006, THE AVAYOU made their way out of the southern part of Austria. What makes this band pretty unique on the music scene is that they are not 4 musicians just coming together in music and having nothing in common with each other . These four guys are the best of friends, and they know that they are in this together, and they will run this thing down. ... more

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Track Name: Headgrenades
like hand grenades on my mind
I'm stoked by the compressional wave.
it's not the fire that is burning my insides,
in this state keep the golden water low.

what would you say if you could witness me now,
see the wreck i can be.
I'm so far that you can believe me now.
honey hand me out to dry, know I'll never get clean.

honey i'm not good enough for you.
i'm not good enough for the world.

I'm flushing the pills down. down my throat.
with cheap gasoline.
I've lost my mind, my hope, my heart.
I am the tragedy.

I'm so far that you can believe me now.
I'd eat up my eyes.
what would you say if you could witness me now.
honey hand me out to dry, know I'll never get clean.

mother mary, pray for me.
now, in the hour of our death.
Track Name: The Jones Complex
I know exactly I had sworn that I won’t sell my soul.
That I won’t face you as martyr, but here we go again.
I keep my heart straight on my tongue and I spell it out for you.
And does your answer bear the chance that I could call you mine?

And would you mind if I lived in your arms.
Please keep me safe from all the horrors outside.
I can’t be without you ever again.
You are the only one. You are my only one.
How much sarcasm can you take?
When my heart is at stake.

We’re only liars and whores
Masked as saints
We’re rolling with the tide
And we’re crashing like the waves
The stains on my sheets bring temporary comfort.
And when I’ve sobered up I guess I’ll be alone.

It is your smile that lights the room like nothing else could do.
It’s your embrace that holds me safe from all the enemies.
I know that there is nothing in this world that gets me like you do.
Track Name: Paraphrasing Happiness
how does it feel to live a whore's life again?
I can't stop asking myself.
and will I make the same mistake again
that i made the day we met?

these walls are getting closer.

back at the scene. our voices getting loud.
our rounds are fast, our looks are firm.
the space between left earlier tonight.
we get to walk but lose our shame with...

...the fading city lights.

beyond the bedroom door.
I hate myself once more for all the things that I have done to you.
a man, a girl, a bed and what is left unsaid.
I guess this is as low as I can get.
down on the bedroom floor.
Track Name: Thrills
come just a little closer,
so I can touch your hips.
these worries you might come over,
when my tongue has passed your lips.
and you bring the color back into my world
I’ve ben missing black and blue and ruby red.

I’ve lost the feeling for what’s right,
so long ago.

you can run and you can fight,
you can lie, but you can’t hide,
it’s twisting you inside.
it thrills your heart and takes your sleep,
cuts your nails and makes you weak.
it gives you what you need.

got lost in all the lights, I try to trace their spin.
colliding lips, they commence this sin.
well you have me down on my knees.
I recall your name but now.

I’ve lost the feeling for whats right,
so long ago.

when the lights go out, we all come down,
that’s when I found.
the only one, worth a song
where I found.
you took me down, you gave me ground
god knows how.
here I belong, first I was wrong,
It’s cold up there.
Track Name: Charlie Harper
oh what a night!
filled with drinks and smooth jazz by the moonlight.
you're the shadow in the corner of my eye.
you're the stains on my sheets, and they're still not dry.

why can't we just get it right from the start?
do i first have to scream out my heart?
you have to drag until i can't tell.
is this the twentyfirst century or is this hell?

against my so called will.
you're moving closer still.
causing something that I cannot explain.
and with the break of dawn.
all of your spell is gone.
and we will wake up in regret.

oh can you remember?
how could you forget?
oh I can remember!
oh will you ever remember?
oh can you remember?
Track Name: Waves
out here just me and the waves.
building up to collapse and slowly fade.
they know I failed, still they hold me save.
they hold me save.
surrounding my feet as I wait.
beyond the water I’ll find my peace.

out here just me within the waves.
surrounding my feet as I wait.
my plan to meet the tide and its takers.
but I am kept waiting on the shoreline.
beyond the water I'll find my peace.

beyond the water I find my peace.
Track Name: For the Love of God
so here we are. so beautiful from up above.
burning cavities in the satin black of this creation.
so here we are. we put ourselves up so high.
why do we push ourselves so low?

if you don't choose to fight,
you will choose the lie,
for the love of god.

so here we are. at the end of the chain.
born to be human. raised to consume.
so here we are. ignorance in motion.
we never lived this life. we lived a lie.

who will recall our names sketched in sand.
when the tide comes, when the time comes?
who will define our rights and our wrongs,
when we're all gone, when we're done?
who will hear us moan, when this is set in stone?
where do we go?

for the love of god.
put yourself aside.
for just one time.
this is not about you,
this is not about me,
for the love of god!

we'll sing until our throat hurts,
we'll run until our feet bleed,
we'll dance away the concrete.
you can take our freedom,
but you can't take our hopes down,
we still have our futures.
our answers will be proud,
our voices will be loud,
they will shout the truth.
we'll sing until our throat hurts.
we'll run until our feet bleed,
we will break the concrete.
Track Name: Holes
I never thought one lie would take me to the grave,
but one after another tears my heart apart.
I'm not only not moving, I'm strangely out of place,
although i've been here for the last half year.

and nothing is moving. I'm not gonna waste my youth on you.
and nothing is moving. until we're spinning out of control.

I'm taking back what's mine.
I'll wrestle it back.
let me go. and I will run.

nothing is taking me out this hole.
oh god, nothing is taking me out this hole.

tangled in our habits, is where the world will end.
we don't care. we'll never. as well as understand.
Track Name: Decades
days come and go,
they pass me by.
I'm standing here singing,
while the world keeps spinning.
I'm trying to swim in a bucket full of sharks,
trying to make something out of this life.

we made our moves,
never had to choose,
this is who we are.

cause if we have to,
we will go the long way.
if it might take decades,
to reach the horizon.
take this as our last vow,
we won't go down in silence.
we will stand together,
we're not giving up.

at the end of the day,
i'll be able to say,
i did live my life to the fullest.

cause if we have to,
we will go the long way.
if it might take decades,
to reach the horizon.
take this as our last vow,
we won't go down in silence.
we will stand together,
we're not giving up.
Track Name: D-Minor
what does rage sound like in this century?
the money makes it hard to tell.
it's so deafening, it smothers me.
I just want to matter,
say this honestly,
I think that we're all trying.

we were given all these options,
they proof to be our curse.
and maybe that's what trying sounds like.

what does fear sound like in our well known key?
I guess that we will never tell, if it is real,
but I don't know if we should.
I just want to gather all that's left of motivation
just to tell you that it's hard,
but I'm alright.

and I guess that you will hate this
and I guess that I don't care.
and maybe that's what trying sounds like.

so I'll say this open, it's not what you're hoping.
so take this, or leave me, it's all I can give you.
so I'm here, I'm open, I hope you're not broken.
I'll be here until the end and maybe that's what living works like.